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Review Data Repository
Welcome to the Systematic Review Data Repository
The Systematic Review Data Repository (SRDR) is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for the extraction and management of data for systematic review or meta-analysis. It is also an open and searchable archive of systematic reviews and their data.
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Recently Completed and Deposited Reports Data

Medication-Assisted Treatment Models of Care for Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care Settings [Entered Retrospectively]

Public Report Complete
Statistics: 30 Studies, 1 Key Question, 1 Extraction Form,
Date Created: Sep 07, 2016 06:40PM
Description: The purpose of this Technical Brief is to summarize the evidence available on MAT models of care in primary care settings.

Corticosteroid implants for chronic non-infectious uveitis (2016)

Public Report Complete
Statistics: 2 Studies, 1 Key Question, 1 Extraction Form,
Date Created: Aug 18, 2016 02:32AM
Description: OBJECTIVES: To determine the efficacy and safety of steroid implants in people with chronic non-infectious posterior uveitis, intermediate uveitis, and panuveitis.

Interventions for intermittent exotropia (2013)

Public Report Complete
Statistics: 1 Study, 1 Key Question, 1 Extraction Form,
Date Created: Sep 07, 2016 12:27AM
Description: OBJECTIVES: The objective of this review was to analyse the effects of various surgical and non-surgical treatments in randomised trials of participants with intermittent exotropia, and to report intervention criteria and determine the significance of factors such as age with respect to outcome.

Diet-Related Fibers and Human Health Outcomes, Version 4.0

Public Report Complete
Statistics: 1044 Studies, 1 Key Question, 1 Extraction Form,
Date Created: Jan 07, 2018 07:07PM
Description: The objectives of this database are to: 1. Systematically compile and provide access to primary, English-language, peer-reviewed science linking dietary fiber intake in humans to one or more of 10 potential health benefits 2. Provide researchers with a tool to understand how different fibers are characterized in studies 3. Facilitate researchers in identifying gaps in the current research 4. Create a database to serve as a starting foundation of primary human literature for conducting evidence-based reviews and meta-analyses 5. Efficiently assist researchers in identifying fibers of interest. This database should serve as a foundation for future work. Specific inclusion and exclusion criteria, detailed in the user manual, were applied in determining database eligibility; thus, this database is not intended to serve as a sole source for identifying all possible fiber literature for the purposes of conducting a meta-analysis or systematic review. This database contains Population, Intervention, Comparator, and Outcome (PICO) data to help users formulate and narrow the focus of their research question. It is expected that secondary searches will be conducted to augment this database.

Definition of Treatment-Resistant Depression in the Medicare Population

Public Report Complete
Statistics: 197 Studies, 11 Key Questions, 2 Extraction Forms,
Date Created: Nov 22, 2017 01:45PM
Description: The purpose of this technology assessment is to review the current definitions of treatment-resistant depression (TRD), to assess how closely current TRD treatment studies fit the most common definition, and to suggest how to improve TRD treatment research.

Role of Bronchial Thermoplasty in Management of Asthma

Public Report Complete
Statistics: 15 Studies, 1 Key Question, 1 Extraction Form,
Date Created: Nov 08, 2017 06:29PM
Description: This review assesses the role of bronchial thermoplasty (BT) in adults with asthma.

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