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Project: Systematic review of acute adverse effects of caffeine consumption in healthy adults, pregnant women, adolescents, and children

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Acute Toxicity - Study Design Details Ray DeVirgiliis 1

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Title Author Year
Autopsy report for a caffeine intoxication case and review of the current literature T. Yamamoto, K. Yoshizawa, S. Kubo, Y. Emoto, K. Hara, B. Waters, T. Umehara, T. Murase and K. Ikematsu 2015
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Coca-Cola and kangaroos. DW Mudge,DW Johnson,
Clinical importance of caffeine dependence and abuse. N Ogawa,H Ueki, 2007
Caffeine poisoning and lactate rise: an overlooked toxic effect? A Schmidt,C Karlson-Stiber, 2008
Cardiac arrest in a young man following excess consumption of caffeinated "energy drinks". AJ Berger,K Alford, 2009
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A case of fatal caffeine poisoning. T Rudolph,K Knudsen, 2010
Caffeine fatalities--do sales restrictions prevent intentional intoxications? G Thelander,AK Jönsson,M Personne,GS Forsberg,KM Lundqvist,J Ahlner, 2010
First-Onset Seizure After Use of an Energy Drink [corrected]. KM Babu,MD Zuckerman,JK Cherkes,JB Hack, 2011
A case of caffeine-induced coronary artery vasospasm of a 17-year-old male. RE Wilson,HS Kado,R Samson,AB Miller, 2012
Single tonic-clonic seizure after energy drink abuse. RS Calabrò,D Italiano,G Gervasi,P Bramanti, 2012
A case of acute suicidality following excessive caffeine intake. A Szpak,D Allen, 2012
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Fatal cardiac arrhythmia following voluntary caffeine overdose in an amateur body-builder athlete. M Poussel,A Kimmoun,B Levy,N Gambier,F Dudek,E Puskarczyk,JF Poussel,B Chenuel, 2013
Death of a young man after overuse of energy drink. S Avcı,R Sarıkaya,F Büyükcam, 2013
High-energy drinks may provoke aortic dissection. ZS Jonjev,G Bala, 2013
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Caffeine intoxication successfully treated by hemoperfusion and hemodialysis. S Ishigaki,H Fukasawa,N Kinoshita-Katahashi,H Yasuda,H Kumagai,R Furuya, 2014

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