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Trauma team activation: simplified criteria safely reduces overtriage.

Key Questions Addressed
1 Key Question 1: For patients with known or suspected trauma who are treated out-of-hospital by EMS personnel, what is the predictive utility of measures of circulatory compromise or derivative measures (e.g., the shock index) for predicting serious injury requiring transport to the highest level trauma center available? 1a: How does the predictive utility of the studied measures of circulatory compromise vary across age groups (e.g., children or the elderly)? Specifically, what values for the different age ranges are supported by the evidence?
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Title Trauma team activation: simplified criteria safely reduces overtriage.
Author Lehmann RK., Arthurs ZM., Cuadrado DG., Casey LE., Beekley AC., Martin MJ.
Country Department of Surgery, Madigan Army Medical Center, 9040-A Fitzsimmons Ave., Tacoma, WA 98431-1100, USA.
Year 2007
Numbers Pubmed ID: 17434371

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