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Trauma triage: a comparison of CRAMS and TRTS in a UK population.

Key Questions Addressed
3 Key Question 3: For patients with known or suspected trauma who are treated out-of-hospital by EMS personnel, what is the evidence that scales combining (a) measures of respiratory and circulatory compromise or (b) measures of respiratory and/or circulatory compromise together with measurement of altered levels of consciousness (as defined by Glasgow Coma Scale or its components) can predict the need for transport to a trauma center? 3a. How does the predictive utility of combinations of measures vary across age groups (e.g., children or the elderly)? Specifically, what values for the different age ranges are supported by the evidence?
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Title Trauma triage: a comparison of CRAMS and TRTS in a UK population.
Author Gray A., Goyder EC., Goodacre SW., Johnson GS.
Country Accident and Emergency Department, St James's University Hospital, Leeds, UK.
Year 1997
Numbers Pubmed ID: 9205573

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