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Project: Breastfeeding Programs and Policies, Breastfeeding Uptake, and Maternal Health Outcomes in Developed Countries

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Supporting breastfeeding In Local Communities (SILC) in Victoria, Australia: a cluster randomised controlled trial H. L. McLachlan, D. A. Forster, L. H. Amir, M. Cullinane, T. Shafiei, L. F. Watson, L. Ridgway, R. L. Cramer and R. Small 2016
Quality of life of mothers at the sixth week and sixth month post partum and type of infant feeding J. M. Trivino-Juarez, B. Nieto-Pereda, D. Romero-Ayuso, B. Arruti-Sevilla, B. Aviles-Gamez, M. J. Forjaz, C. Oliver-Barrecheguren, S. Mellizo-Diaz, C. Soto-Lucia and R. Pla-Mestre 2016
Postpartum depression among first-time mothers - results from a parallel randomised trial R. D. Maimburg and M. Vaeth 2015
Dietary inflammation potential and postmenopausal breast cancer risk in a German case-control study I. Ge, A. Rudolph, N. Shivappa, D. Flesch-Janys, J. R. Hebert and J. Chang-Claude 2015
Parity, lactation, bone strength, and 16-year fracture risk in adult women: findings from the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN) T. Mori, S. Ishii, G. A. Greendale, J. A. Cauley, K. Ruppert, C. J. Crandall and A. S. Karlamangla 2015
Effects of breastfeeding on postpartum weight loss among U.S. women M. P. Jarlenski, W. L. Bennett, S. N. Bleich, C. L. Barry and E. A. Stuart 2014
Women's use of nipple shields-their influence on breastfeeding duration after a process-oriented education for health professionals A. Ekstrom, H. Abrahamsson, R. M. Eriksson and B. L. Martensson 2014
Telephone peer counseling of breastfeeding among WIC participants: a randomized controlled trial J. A. Reeder, T. Joyce, K. Sibley, D. Arnold and O. Altindag 2014
Association between vegetable, fruit and carbohydrate intake and breast cancer risk in relation to physical activity J. Kruk 2014
Do population-based interventions widen or narrow socioeconomic inequalities? The case of breastfeeding promotion S. Yang, R. W. Platt, M. Dahhou and M. S. Kramer 2014
Evaluating the impact of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative on breast-feeding rates: a multi-state analysis S. S. Hawkins, A. D. Stern, C. F. Baum and M. W. Gillman 2015
Compliance with the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative and impact on breastfeeding rates S. S. Hawkins, A. D. Stern, C. F. Baum and M. W. Gillman 2014
A study to promote breast feeding in the Helsinki Metropolitan area in Finland L. S. Hannula, M. E. Kaunonen and P. J. Puukka 2014
A controlled study on baby-friendly communities in Italy: methods and baseline data A. Macaluso, M. E. Bettinelli, E. M. Chapin, L. Cordova do Espirito Santo, R. Mascheroni, A. M. Murante, M. Montico and A. Cattaneo 2013
The relationship between postpartum depression and breastfeeding A. Hamdan and H. Tamim 2012
A process-oriented breastfeeding training program for healthcare professionals to promote breastfeeding: an intervention study A. Ekstrom, E. Kylberg and E. Nissen 2012
Impact of baby-friendly hospital practices on breastfeeding in Hong Kong M. Tarrant, K. M. Wu, D. Y. Fong, I. L. Lee, E. M. Wong, A. Sham, C. Lam and J. E. Dodgson 2011
Continuous primary nursing care increases satisfaction with nursing care and reduces postpartum problems for hospitalized pregnant women H. Wan, S. Hu, M. Thobaben, Y. Hou and T. Yin 2011
Peer-led prenatal breast-feeding education: a viable alternative to nurse-led education L. A. Rempel and K. C. Moore 2012
Evaluation of a breastfeeding peer support program for fathers of Hispanic participants in a Texas special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children D. Lovera, M. Sanderson, M. L. Bogle and M. S. Vela Acosta 2010
Effect of breastfeeding on weight retention from one pregnancy to the next: results from the North Carolina WIC program T. Ostbye, K. M. Krause, G. K. Swamy and C. A. Lovelady 2010
Residency curriculum improves breastfeeding care L. Feldman-Winter, L. Barone, B. Milcarek, K. Hunter, J. Meek, J. Morton, T. Williams, A. Naylor and R. A. Lawrence 2010
Perinatal depressive symptoms, sociodemographic correlates, and breast-feeding among Chinese women Y. Lau and K. S. Chan 2009
Effectiveness of policy to provide breastfeeding groups (BIG) for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in primary care: cluster randomised controlled trial P. Hoddinott, J. Britten, G. J. Prescott, D. Tappin, A. Ludbrook and D. J. Godden 2009
Breastfeeding rates in baby-friendly and non-baby-friendly hospitals in the Czech Republic from 2000 to 2006 A. Mydlilova, A. Sipek and J. Vignerova 2009
Comparison of manual and electric breast pumps among WIC women returning to work or school in Hawaii D. K. Hayes, C. B. Prince, V. Espinueva, L. J. Fuddy, R. Li and L. M. Grummer-Strawn 2008
Effect of training for care providers on practice of essential newborn care in hospitals in Sri Lanka U. Senarath, D. N. Fernando and I. Rodrigo 2007
The breastfeeding support and promotion in Baby-Friendly Maternity Hospitals and Not-as-Yet Baby-Friendly Hospitals in Russia L. V. Abolyan 2006
Effect of early postnatal breastfeeding support: a cluster-randomized community based trial H. Kronborg, M. Vaeth, J. Olsen, L. Iversen and I. Harder 2007
Integrated maternal and infant health care in the postpartum period in a poor neighborhood in Santiago, Chile R. Alvarado, A. Zepeda, S. Rivero, N. Rico, S. Lopez and S. Diaz 1999
Comparison of the effect of two systems for the promotion of exclusive breastfeeding S. B. Coutinho, P. I. de Lira, M. de Carvalho Lima and A. Ashworth 2005
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Evaluation of a lactation intervention program to encourage breastfeeding: a longitudinal study M. L. Gau 2004
Prospective assessment of exclusive breastfeeding in relation to weight change in women R. Sichieri, A. E. Field, J. Rich-Edwards and W. C. Willett 2003
Effects on breastfeeding of changes in maternity length-of-stay policy in a large health maintenance organization J. M. Madden, S. B. Soumerai, T. A. Lieu, K. D. Mandl, F. Zhang and D. Ross-Degnan 2003
Gestational weight gain and postpartum behaviors associated with weight change from early pregnancy to 1 y postpartum C. M. Olson, M. S. Strawderman, P. S. Hinton and T. A. Pearson 2003
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Does breastfeeding education affect nursing staff beliefs, exclusive breastfeeding rates, and Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative compliance? The experience of a small, rural Canadian hospital P. J. Martens 2000
Breastfeeding training for health professionals and resultant changes in breastfeeding duration J. A. Taddei, M. F. Westphal, S. Venancio, C. Bogus and S. Souza 2000
The effect of a peer counseling program on breastfeeding initiation and longevity in a low-income rural population E. Shaw and J. Kaczorowski 1999
Efficacy of home-based peer counselling to promote exclusive breastfeeding: a randomised controlled trial A. L. Morrow, M. L. Guerrero, J. Shults, J. J. Calva, C. Lutter, J. Bravo, G. Ruiz-Palacios, R. C. Morrow and F. D. Butterfoss 1999
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Effectiveness of baby-friendly community health services on exclusive breastfeeding and maternal satisfaction: a pragmatic trial A. Brug, . Langsrud, B. F. Lland, E. Tufte, T. Tylleskr and A. Fretheim 2016
Effectiveness of the baby friendly community initiative in Italy: a non-randomised controlled study A. Cattaneo, M. Bettinelli, E. Chapin, A. Macaluso, D. E. S. L. Cordova, A. Murante and M. Montico 2016
Reproductive behaviors and risk of developing breast cancer according to tumor subtype: a systematic review and meta-analysis of epidemiological studies M. Lambertini, L. Santoro, L. Del Mastro, B. Nguyen, L. Livraghi, D. Ugolini, F. A. Peccatori and H. A. Azim, Jr. 2016
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Breast cancer risk factor associations differ for pure versus invasive carcinoma with an in situ component in case-control and case-case analyses M. Ruszczyk, G. Zirpoli, S. Kumar, E. V. Bandera, D. H. Bovbjerg, L. Jandorf, T. Khoury, H. Hwang, G. Ciupak, K. Pawlish, P. Schedin, P. Masso-Welch, C. B. Ambrosone and C. C. Hong 2016
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