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Project: Decision Aids for Cancer Screening and Treatment

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Empowerment of men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer. Davison BJ., Degner LF. 1997
Helping women make choices about mammography screening: an online randomized trial of a decision aid for 40-year-old women. Mathieu E., Barratt AL., McGeechan K., Davey HM., Howard K., Houssami N. 2010
Videotape-based decision aid for colon cancer screening. A randomized, controlled trial. Pignone M., Harris R., Kinsinger L. 2000
Preference-based electronic decision aid to promote colorectal cancer screening: results of a randomized controlled trial. Ruffin MT., Fetters MD., Jimbo M. 2007
Randomized trial examining the effect of two prostate cancer screening educational interventions on patient knowledge, preferences, and behaviors. Partin MR., Nelson D., Radosevich D., Nugent S., Flood AB., Dillon N., Holtzman J., Haas M., Wilt TJ. 2004
Preparing African-American men in community primary care practices to decide whether or not to have prostate cancer screening. Myers RE., Daskalakis C., Cocroft J., Kunkel EJ., Delmoor E., Liberatore M., Nydick RL., Brown ER., Gay RN., Powell T., Powell RL. 2005
Pilot trial of a computerized decision aid for breast cancer prevention. Ozanne EM., Annis C., Adduci K., Showstack J., Esserman L. -- Not Found --
Increasing patient involvement in choosing treatment for early breast cancer. Street RL., Voigt B., Geyer C., Manning T., Swanson GP. 1995
Randomized controlled trial of a patient decision aid for colorectal cancer screening. Dolan JG., Frisina S. 2002
Randomized trial of a patient decision aid for choice of surgical treatment for breast cancer. Goel V., Sawka CA., Thiel EC., Gort EH., O'Connor AM. 2001
A community-based randomised controlled trial of three different educational resources for men about prostate cancer screening. Gattellari M., Ward JE. 2005
Does evidence-based information about screening for prostate cancer enhance consumer decision-making? A randomised controlled trial. Gattellari M., Ward JE. 2003
A randomized controlled trial comparing internet and video to facilitate patient education for men considering the prostate specific antigen test. Frosch DL., Kaplan RM., Felitti VJ. 2003
A randomized trial of choice of treatment in prostate cancer: the effect of intervention on the treatment chosen. Auvinen A., Hakama M., Ala-Opas M., Vornanen T., Leppilahti M., Salminen P., Tammela TL. 2004
Internet patient decision support: a randomized controlled trial comparing alternative approaches for men considering prostate cancer screening. Frosch DL., Bhatnagar V., Tally S., Hamori CJ., Kaplan RM. 2008
Randomized trial of a self-administered decision aid for colorectal cancer screening. Trevena LJ., Irwig L., Barratt A. 2008
A randomized controlled trial of shared decision making for prostate cancer screening. Volk RJ., Cass AR., Spann SJ. 2003
Psychosocial outcomes of three triage methods for the management of borderline abnormal cervical smears: an open randomised trial. McCaffery KJ., Irwig L., Turner R., Chan SF., Macaskill P., Lewicka M., Clarke J., Weisberg E., Barratt A. 2010
Acceptability and preliminary feasibility of an internet/CD-ROM-based education and decision program for early-stage prostate cancer patients: randomized pilot study. Diefenbach MA., Mohamed NE., Butz BP., Bar-Chama N., Stock R., Cesaretti J., Hassan W., Samadi D., Hall SJ. 2012
Controlled trial of pretest education approaches to enhance informed decision-making for BRCA1 gene testing. Lerman C., Biesecker B., Benkendorf JL., Kerner J., Gomez-Caminero A., Hughes C., Reed MM. 1997
An interactive computer program can effectively educate patients about genetic testing for breast cancer susceptibility. Green MJ., Biesecker BB., McInerney AM., Mauger D., Fost N. 2001
Effect of a computer-based decision aid on knowledge, perceptions, and intentions about genetic testing for breast cancer susceptibility: a randomized controlled trial. Green MJ., Peterson SK., Baker MW., Harper GR., Friedman LC., Rubinstein WS., Mauger DT. 2004
Facilitating informed decision making about breast cancer risk and genetic counseling among women calling the NCI's Cancer Information Service. Miller SM., Fleisher L., Roussi P., Buzaglo JS., Schnoll R., Slater E., Raysor S., Popa-Mabe M. 2005
Informed choice in mammography screening: a randomized trial of a decision aid for 70-year-old women. Mathieu E., Barratt A., Davey HM., McGeechan K., Howard K., Houssami N. 2007
Randomized trial of a shared decision-making intervention consisting of trade-offs and individualized treatment information for BRCA1/2 mutation carriers. van Roosmalen MS., Stalmeier PF., Verhoef LC., Hoekstra-Weebers JE., Oosterwijk JC., Hoogerbrugge N., Moog U., van Daal WA. 2004
Informed decision making about prostate cancer testing in predominantly immigrant black men: a randomized controlled trial. Lepore SJ., Wolf RL., Basch CE., Godfrey M., McGinty E., Shmukler C., Ullman R., Thomas N., Weinrich S. 2012
Reducing treatment decision conflict difficulties in breast cancer surgery: a randomized controlled trial. Lam WW., Chan M., Or A., Kwong A., Suen D., Fielding R. 2013
The effect of offering different numbers of colorectal cancer screening test options in a decision aid: a pilot randomized trial. Griffith JM., Lewis CL., Brenner AR., Pignone MP. 2008
Effect of a decision aid on knowledge and treatment decision making for breast cancer surgery: a randomized trial. Whelan T., Levine M., Willan A., Gafni A., Sanders K., Mirsky D., Chambers S., O'Brien MA., Reid S., Dubois S. 2004
Decreased use of adjuvant breast cancer therapy in a randomized controlled trial of a decision aid with individualized risk information. Peele PB., Siminoff LA., Xu Y., Ravdin PM. 2005
A randomized controlled trial of a decision aid for women considering genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer risk. Wakefield CE., Meiser B., Homewood J., Peate M., Taylor A., Lobb E., Kirk J., Young MA., Williams R., Dudding T., Tucker K. 2008
A randomized trial of a breast/ovarian cancer genetic testing decision aid used as a communication aid during genetic counseling. Wakefield CE., Meiser B., Homewood J., Taylor A., Gleeson M., Williams R., Tucker K. 2008
Randomized trial of a decision aid for individuals considering genetic testing for hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer risk. Wakefield CE., Meiser B., Homewood J., Ward R., O'Donnell S., Kirk J. 2008
Entertainment education for prostate cancer screening: a randomized trial among primary care patients with low health literacy. Volk RJ., Jibaja-Weiss ML., Hawley ST., Kneuper S., Spann SJ., Miles BJ., Hyman DJ. 2008
Does 'peer coaching' increase GP capacity to promote informed decision making about PSA screening? A cluster randomised trial. Gattellari M., Donnelly N., Taylor N., Meerkin M., Hirst G., Ward JE. 2005
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Contextual factors in shared decision making: a randomised controlled trial in women with a strong suspicion of breast cancer. Vodermaier A., Caspari C., Koehm J., Kahlert S., Ditsch N., Untch M. 2009
Informing men about prostate cancer screening: a randomized controlled trial of patient education materials. Ilic D., Egberts K., McKenzie JE., Risbridger G., Green S. 2008
Mediated decision support in prostate cancer screening: a randomized controlled trial of decision counseling. Myers RE., Daskalakis C., Kunkel EJ., Cocroft JR., Riggio JM., Capkin M., Braddock CH. 2011
Supporting informed decision making for prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing on the web: an online randomized controlled trial. Evans R., Joseph-Williams N., Edwards A., Newcombe RG., Wright P., Kinnersley P., Griffiths J., Jones M., Williams J., Grol R., Elwyn G. 2010
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The Personal Patient Profile-Prostate decision support for men with localized prostate cancer: a multi-center randomized trial. Berry DL., Halpenny B., Hong F., Wolpin S., Lober WB., Russell KJ., Ellis WJ., Govindarajulu U., Bosco J., Davison BJ., Bennett G., Terris MK., Barsevick A., Lin DW., Yang CC., Swanson G. 2013
A decision aid to support informed choices about bowel cancer screening among adults with low education: randomised controlled trial. Smith SK., Trevena L., Simpson JM., Barratt A., Nutbeam D., McCaffery KJ. 2010
Longitudinal changes in patient distress following interactive decision aid use among BRCA1/2 carriers: a randomized trial. Hooker GW., Leventhal KG., DeMarco T., Peshkin BN., Finch C., Wahl E., Joines JR., Brown K., Valdimarsdottir H., Schwartz MD. 2011
A randomized controlled trial of a decision aid for women at increased risk of ovarian cancer. Tiller K, Meiser B, Gaff C, Kirk J, Dudding T, Phillips KA, Friedlander M, Tucker K. 2006
Fostering informed decisions: a randomized controlled trial assessing the impact of a decision aid among men registered to undergo mass screening for prostate cancer. Williams RM., Davis KM., Luta G., Edmond SN., Dorfman CS., Schwartz MD., Lynch J., Ahaghotu C., Taylor KL. 2013
Pairing physician education with patient activation to improve shared decisions in prostate cancer screening: a cluster randomized controlled trial. Wilkes MS., Day FC., Srinivasan M., Griffin E., Tancredi DJ., Rainwater JA., Kravitz RL., Bell DS., Hoffman JR. 2013
Effectiveness of a web-based colorectal cancer screening patient decision aid: a randomized controlled trial in a mixed-literacy population. Miller DP., Spangler JG., Case LD., Goff DC., Singh S., Pignone MP. 2011
Decision Making in Prostate Cancer Screening Using Decision Aids vs Usual Care: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Taylor KL., Williams RM., Davis K., Luta G., Penek S., Barry S., Kelly S., Tomko C., Schwartz M., Krist AH., Woolf SH., Fishman MB., Cole C., Miller E. 2013
Shared decision making for prostate cancer screening: the results of a combined analysis of two practice-based randomized controlled trials. Sheridan SL., Golin C., Bunton A., Lykes JB., Schwartz B., McCormack L., Driscoll D., Bangdiwala SI., Harris RP. 2012
The role of personalized choice: A randomized controlled trial of an online decision aid for prostate cancer screening. Salkeld G, Cunich M, Dowie J, Howard K, Mann G, Patel M. 2013
The impact of a novel computer-based decision aid on shared decision making for colorectal cancer screening: a randomized trial. Schroy PC., Emmons K., Peters E., Glick JT., Robinson PA., Lydotes MA., Mylvanaman S., Evans S., Chaisson C., Pignone M., Prout M., Davidson P., Heeren TC. 2010
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A comparison of a spiritually based and non-spiritually based educational intervention for informed decision making for prostate cancer screening among church-attending African-American men. Holt CL., Wynn TA., Litaker MS., Southward P., Jeames S., Schulz E. 2009
Women's interest in taking tamoxifen and raloxifene for breast cancer prevention: response to a tailored decision aid. Fagerlin A., Dillard AJ., Smith DM., Zikmund-Fisher BJ., Pitsch R., McClure JB., Greene S., Alford SH., Nair V., Hayes DF., Wiese C., Ubel PA. 2011
Shared decision-making using an interactive video disk system for women with early breast cancer... including commentary by Beaver K Maslin and M. Walker and J. S. A'Hern and R. Prouse and A. 1998
Testing the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of a 'decision navigation' intervention for early stage prostate cancer patients in Scotland--a randomised controlled trial. Hacking B., Wallace L., Scott S., Kosmala-Anderson J., Belkora J., McNeill A. 2013
Randomized trial of a decision aid for BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation carriers: impact on measures of decision making and satisfaction. Schwartz MD., Valdimarsdottir HB., DeMarco TA., Peshkin BN., Lawrence W., Rispoli J., Brown K., Isaacs C., O'Neill S., Shelby R., Grumet SC., McGovern MM., Garnett S., Bremer H., Leaman S., O'Mara K., Kelleher S., Komaridis K. 2009
The impact of explicit values clarification exercises in a patient decision aid emerges after the decision is actually made: evidence from a randomized controlled trial. Feldman-Stewart D., Tong C., Siemens R., Alibhai S., Pickles T., Robinson J., Brundage MD. 2012
Choice between prostatectomy and radiotherapy when men are eligible for both: a randomized controlled trial of usual care vs decision aid. van Tol-Geerdink JJ., Willem Leer J., Weijerman PC., van Oort IM., Vergunst H., van Lin EN., Alfred Witjes J., Stalmeier PF. 2013
Randomized controlled trial of a computerized decision aid on adjuvant radioactive iodine treatment for patients with early-stage papillary thyroid cancer. Sawka AM., Straus S., Rotstein L., Brierley JD., Tsang RW., Asa S., Segal P., Kelly C., Zahedi A., Freeman J., Solomon P., Anderson J., Thorpe KE., Gafni A., Rodin G., Goldstein DP. 2012
Effects of a pre-visit educational website on information recall and needs fulfilment in breast cancer genetic counselling, a randomized controlled trial. Albada A., van Dulmen S., Bensing JM., Ausems MG. 2012
Facilitating informed decisions regarding microsatellite instability testing among high-risk individuals diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Manne SL., Meropol NJ., Weinberg DS., Vig H., Ali-Khan Catts Z., Manning C., Ross E., Shannon K., Chung DC. 2010
Physician communication regarding prostate cancer screening: analysis of unannounced standardized patient visits. Feng B., Srinivasan M., Hoffman JR., Rainwater JA., Griffin E., Dragojevic M., Day FC., Wilkes MS. 2013
An effort to spread decision aids in five California primary care practices yielded low distribution, highlighting hurdles. Lin GA., Halley M., Rendle KA., Tietbohl C., May SG., Trujillo L., Frosch DL. 2013
Barriers and facilitators to routine distribution of patient decision support interventions: a preliminary study in community-based primary care settings. Uy V., May SG., Tietbohl C., Frosch DL. 2014
Online Prostate Cancer Screening Decision Aid for At-Risk Men: A Randomized Trial. Watts KJ., Meiser B., Wakefield CE., Barratt AL., Howard K., Cheah BC., Mann GJ., Lobb EA., Gaff CL., Patel MI. 2013
An effort to spread decision aids in five California primary care practices yielded low distribution, highlighting hurdles. Lin GA., Halley M., Rendle KA., Tietbohl C., May SG., Trujillo L., Frosch DL. 2013
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