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Project: Impact of Community Health Worker Certification on Workforce and Service Delivery for Asthma and Other Selected Chronic Conditions

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CHW Certification Kristen McArthur 2
Excluded articles Kristen McArthur 1

Associated Studies (each link opens a new tab)

Title Author Year
Process evaluation of a promotora de salud intervention for improving hypertension outcomes for Latinos living in a rural U.S.-Mexico border region V. Sanchez, L. Cacari Stone, M. L. Moffett, P. Nguyen, M. Muhammad, S. Bruna-Lewis and R. Urias-Chauvin
Diabetes is a community issue: the critical elements of a successful outreach and education model on the U.S.-Mexico border M. Ingram, G. Gallegos and J. Elenes
Why Effective Interventions Do Not Work for All Patients: Exploring Variation in Response to a Chronic Disease Management Intervention M. Edlind, N. Mitra, D. Grande, F. K. Barg, T. Carter, L. Turr, K. Glanz, J. A. Long and S. Kangovi
Salud Para Su Corazon-NCLR: a comprehensive Promotora outreach program to promote heart-healthy behaviors among hispanics H. Balcazar, M. Alvarado, M. L. Hollen, Y. Gonzalez-Cruz, O. Hughes, E. Vazquez and K. Lykens
Diabetes Connect: Developing a Mobile Health Intervention to Link Diabetes Community Health Workers With Primary Care A. L. Cherrington, A. A. Agne, Y. Lampkin, A. Birl, T. C. Shelton, A. Guzman and J. H. Willig
Comparative effectiveness of peer leaders and community health workers in diabetes self-management support: results of a randomized controlled trial T. S. Tang, M. Funnell, B. Sinco, G. Piatt, G. Palmisano, M. S. Spencer, E. C. Kieffer and M. Heisler
A community health worker-led lifestyle behavior intervention for Latina (Hispanic) women: feasibility and outcomes of a randomized controlled trial D. Koniak-Griffin, M. L. Brecht, S. Takayanagi, J. Villegas, M. Melendrez and H. Balcazar
Effects of Food Label Use on Diet Quality and Glycemic Control Among Latinos With Type 2 Diabetes in a Community Health WorkerSupported Intervention G. Kollannoor-Samuel, F. M. Shebl, S. Segura-Prez, J. Chhabra, S. Vega-Lpez and R. Prez-Escamilla
Community Health Workers and Medicaid Managed Care in New Mexico D. Johnson, P. Saavedra, E. Sun, A. Stageman, D. Grovet, C. Alfero, C. Maynes, B. Skipper, W. Powell and A. Kaufman
Community health workers improving diabetes outcomes in a rural Appalachian population F. Feltner, S. Thompson, W. Baker and M. Slone
Improving diabetes care and outcomes with community health workers E. P. Kane, A. W. Collinsworth, K. L. Schmidt, R. M. Brown, C. A. Snead, S. A. Barnes, N. S. Fleming and J. W. Walton
Effectiveness of a Community Health Worker Intervention Among African American and Latino Adults With Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomized Controlled Trial M. S. Spencer, A.-M. Rosland, E. C. Kieffer, B. R. Sinco, M. Valerio, G. Palmisano, M. Anderson, J. R. Guzman and M. Heisler
Transformacion Para Salud: A Patient Navigation Model for Chronic Disease Self-management M. C. Esperat, L. McMurry, F. Du, S. Huaxin, L. Billings, Y. Masten and D. Flores
Reducing diabetes disparities through the implementation of a community health worker-led diabetes self-management education program J. W. Walton, C. A. Snead, A. W. Collinsworth and K. L. Schmidt
Diabetes training of community health workers serving Native Hawaiians and Pacific People M. A. Look, N. K. Baumhofer, J. Ng-Osorio, J. K. Furubayashi and C. Kimata
Developing community health worker diabetes training W. J. Ferguson, C. A. Lemay, J. L. Hargraves, T. Gorodetsky and J. Calista
Promotores de Salud: educating Hispanic communities on heart-healthy living A. Medina, H. Balczar, M. L. Hollen, E. Nkhoma and F. S. Mas
The Development and Evaluation of a Parent Empowerment Program for Family Peer Advocates J. Rodriguez, S. Olin, K. Hoagwood, S. Shen, G. Burton, M. Radigan and P. Jensen
The impact of community health worker training and programs in New York City M. Perez, S. E. Findley, M. Mejia and J. Martinez
Community-Based Care Coordination: Practical Applications for Childhood Asthma S. Findley, M. Rosenthal, T. Bryant-Stephens, M. Damitz, M. Lara, C. Mansfield, A. Matiz, V. Nourani, P. Peretz, V. W. Persky, G. Ramos Valencia, K. Uyeda and M. Viswanathan
Border intervention by Promotores for type 2 diabetes C. S. Sixta
In Focus: Integrating Community Health Workers into Care Teams Klein S, Hostetter M 2015
State and Federal Efforts to Enhance Access to Basic Health Care
The 2018 Ohio Community Health Worker Statewide Assessment: Key Findings Whalen Smith CN, Reed Robinson H, Carter N, Kirkland C 2018
Community Health Needs Assessment 2016 2016
Addressing Infant Mortality in Ohio (2011-2018)
Community Health Workers and a Culture of Health: Lessons from U.S. and Global Models Hannay J, Heroux J 2016
Promoting Community Health Workers to Reduce Health Disparities in Minnesota Crum R 2012
Role Development of Community Health Workers O'Brien MJ, Squires AP, Bixby RA, Larson SC 2009
Community Health Worker Ceritification and Financing 2016
Expanding Access for Preventive Services: Key Issues for State Public Health Agencies 2015
Financing Community Health Workers in Transitions Clinics 2018
Allies for Quality: Lay Health Workers' Role in Improving Health Care Quality 2003
States Implementing Community Health Worker Strategies 2014
State Law Fact Sheet: A Summary of State Community Health Worker Laws 2016
Policy Evidence Assessment Report: Community Health Worker Policy Components 2014
What Evidence Supports State Laws to Establish Community Health Worker Scope of Practice? 2017
Policy Options for Facilitating the Use of Community Health Workers in Health Delivery Systems
Addressing Chronic Disease through Community Health Workers 2015
A Summary of State Community Health Worker Laws
Community Health Workers: A Review of Program Evolution, Evidence on Effectiveness and Value, and Status of Workforce Development in New England 2013
An Action Guide on Community Health Workers (CHWs): Guidance for Organizations Working with CHWs 2013
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Community Health Workers: Expanding the Scope of the Health Care Delivery System Goodwin K, Tobler L 2008
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Best Practice Guidelines for Implementing and Evaluating Community Health Worker Programs in Health Care Settings Gutierrez Kapheim M, Campbell J 2014
Outcomes of Community Health Worker Interventions 2009
Paving a Path to Advance the Community Health Worker Workforce in New York State: A New Summary Report and Recommendations 2011
Community Health Worker Certification Requirements by State London K, Carey M, Russell K 2016
Tomorrow's Health Care System Needs Community Health Workers: A Policy Agenda for Connecticut 2015
Evaluation of the Connecticut Health Foundation's Health Equity Goal from 2014 to 2017 2018
Understanding Community Health Workers: Who they are and why they matter for Connecticut 2019
Achieving the Triple Aim: Success with Community Health Workers 2015
Transforming Care: How ACOs in Massachusetts Manage Population Health 2018
Massachusetts Strengthens its Community Health Worker (CHW) Workforce Through Broad-Based Policies and Collaboration 2017
Community Health Worker Pediatric Asthma Home Visitng Program 2017
Community Health Worker (CHW) Toolkit: A Guide for Employers 2016
Moving beyond grants to sustainable CHW models 2019
Experiences of Community Health Worker Employers in Minnesota 2015
CHW Toolkit: Review and Analysis of Trends in Other States Reports 2016
Community Health Worker Roles in Core Local Public Health Services 2018
The State of the Community Health Worker Field in Minnesota 2018
National Trends in CHW Workforce Development 2018
Community Health Workers in the Wake of Health Care Reform: Considerations for State and Federal Policymakers Clary A 2015
Promising Approaches to Integrating Community Health Workers into Health Systems: Four Case Studies 2013
Opportunities for Community Health Workers in the Era of Health Reform Bovbjerg RB, Eyster L, Ormond BA, Anderson T, Richardson E 2013
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Support for Community Health Worker Leadership in Determining Workforce Standards for Training and Credentialing 2014
Understanding Scope and Competencies: A Contemporary Look at the United States Community Health Worker Field 2016
2017 Annual Report: Promotor(a) or Community Health Worker (CHW) Training and Certification Advisory Committee April 2018 2018
Community Health Worker 2016 Evaluation Survey 2016
2017-2022 Texas State Health Plan 2016

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