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Study Title and Description

Is routine colonoscopy necessary for patients who have an unequivocal computerised tomography diagnosis of acute diverticulitis?

Key Questions Addressed
3 KQ 3: What are the benefits and harms of colonoscopy (or other colon imaging test) following an episode of acute diverticulitis? KQ 3a. What is the incidence of malignant and premalignant colon tumors found by colonoscopy, and what is the incidence of colon cancer mortality among patients undergoing screening? KQ 3b. What are the procedure-related and other harms of colonoscopy or CT colonography? KQ 3c. What is the frequency of inadequate imaging due to intolerance or technical feasibility? • Do the benefits and harms vary by patient characteristics, course of illness, or other factors?
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Primary Publication Information
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Title Is routine colonoscopy necessary for patients who have an unequivocal computerised tomography diagnosis of acute diverticulitis?
Author El Zanati H., Chen A., Attiya A., Leung E.
Country Specialty doctor in Surgery, General Surgery Department, University Hospital Crosshouse, UK.
Year 2020
Numbers Pubmed ID: 32781909

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Baseline Characteristics
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Quality Dimensions
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Q23: NHLBI - Were eligibility/selection criteria for the study population prespecified and clearly described?
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Q25: NHLBI - Were the outcome measures prespecified, clearly defined, valid, reliable, and assessed consistently across all study participants?
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If this study was an NRCS or a single-group study, did the study report adjusted results that were for differences between groups (in the case of NRCSs) or differences between subgroups (in the case of single group studies)?
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