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Project: Interventions for Drug Use – Supplemental Report: A Systematic Review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force [Entered Retrospectively]

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Key Questions 1-6 Sara Grusing 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3

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Title Author Year
Brief motivational interviewing intervention to reduce alcohol and marijuana use for at-risk adolescents in primary care. D'Amico EJ., Parast L., Shadel WG., Meredith LS., Seelam R., Stein BD. 2018
Computer-delivered indirect screening and brief intervention for drug use in the perinatal period: A randomized trial. Ondersma SJ., Svikis DS., Thacker C., Resnicow K., Beatty JR., Janisse J., Puder K. 2018
Sexual HIV risk behavior outcomes of brief interventions for drug use in an inner-city emergency department: Secondary outcomes from a randomized controlled trial. Bonar EE., Walton MA., Barry KL., Bohnert ASB., Chermack ST., Cunningham RM., Massey LS., Ignacio RV., Blow FC. 2018
A randomized controlled trial of screening and brief interventions for substance misuse in reproductive health. Martino S., Ondersma SJ., Forray A., Olmstead TA., Gilstad-Hayden K., Howell HB., Kershaw T., Yonkers KA. 2018
A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of a Computer-Delivered Brief Intervention for Substance Use and Risky Sex During Pregnancy. Tzilos Wernette G., Plegue M., Kahler CW., Sen A., Zlotnick C. 2018
Collaborative Care for Opioid and Alcohol Use Disorders in Primary Care: The SUMMIT Randomized Clinical Trial. Watkins KE., Ober AJ., Lamp K., Lind M., Setodji C., Osilla KC., Hunter SB., McCullough CM., Becker K., Iyiewuare PO., Diamant A., Heinzerling K., Pincus HA. 2017
A pilot replication of QUIT, a randomized controlled trial of a brief intervention for reducing risky drug use, among Latino primary care patients. Gelberg L., Andersen RM., Rico MW., Vahidi M., Natera Rey G., Shoptaw S., Leake BD., Serota M., Singleton K., Baumeister SE. 2017
A randomized controlled trial of a brief intervention for alcohol and drugs linked to the Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) in primary health care in Chile. Poblete F., Barticevic NA., Zuzulich MS., Portilla R., Castillo-Carniglia A., Sapag JC., Villarroel L., Sena BF., Galarce M. 2017
A randomized controlled trial of brief interventions to reduce drug use among adults in a low-income urban emergency department: the HealthiER You study. Blow FC., Walton MA., Bohnert ASB., Ignacio RV., Chermack S., Cunningham RM., Booth BM., Ilgen M., Barry KL. 2017
Peer Network Counseling as Brief Treatment for Urban Adolescent Heavy Cannabis Users. Mason MJ., Sabo R., Zaharakis NM. 2017
Receipt of addiction treatment as a consequence of a brief intervention for drug use in primary care: a randomized trial. Kim TW., Bernstein J., Cheng DM., Lloyd-Travaglini C., Samet JH., Palfai TP., Saitz R. 2017
Immediate Versus Delayed Computerized Brief Intervention for Illicit Drug Misuse. Gryczynski J., O'Grady KE., Mitchell SG., Ondersma SJ., Schwartz RP. -- Not Found --
Anhedonia, depression, anxiety, and craving in opiate dependent patients stabilized on oral naltrexone or an extended release naltrexone implant. Krupitsky E., Zvartau E., Blokhina E., Verbitskaya E., Wahlgren V., Tsoy-Podosenin M., Bushara N., Burakov A., Masalov D., Romanova T., Tyurina A., Palatkin V., Yaroslavtseva T., Pecoraro A., Woody G. 2016
Assessing the Efficacy of MOTI-4 for Reducing the Use of Cannabis Among Youth in the Netherlands: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Dupont HB., Candel MJ., Kaplan CD., van de Mheen D., de Vries NK. 2016
Project QUIT (Quit Using Drugs Intervention Trial): a randomized controlled trial of a primary care-based multi-component brief intervention to reduce risky drug use. Gelberg L., Andersen RM., Afifi AA., Leake BD., Arangua L., Vahidi M., Singleton K., Yacenda-Murphy J., Shoptaw S., Fleming MF., Baumeister SE. 2015
A Web-Based Self-Help Intervention With and Without Chat Counseling to Reduce Cannabis Use in Problematic Cannabis Users: Three-Arm Randomized Controlled Trial. Schaub MP., Wenger A., Berg O., Beck T., Stark L., Buehler E., Haug S. 2015
Brief intervention for daily marijuana users identified by screening in primary care: A subgroup analysis of the ASPIRE randomized clinical trial. Fuster D., Cheng DM., Wang N., Bernstein JA., Palfai TP., Alford DP., Samet JH., Saitz R. -- Not Found --
Peer Network Counseling with Urban Adolescents: A Randomized Controlled Trial with Moderate Substance Users. Mason M., Light J., Campbell L., Keyser-Marcus L., Crewe S., Way T., Saunders H., King L., Zaharakis NM., McHenry C. 2015
Six-month outcomes of a Web-based intervention for users of amphetamine-type stimulants: randomized controlled trial. Tait RJ., McKetin R., Kay-Lambkin F., Carron-Arthur B., Bennett A., Bennett K., Christensen H., Griffiths KM. 2015
Brief intervention for patients with problematic drug use presenting in emergency departments: a randomized clinical trial. Bogenschutz MP., Donovan DM., Mandler RN., Perl HI., Forcehimes AA., Crandall C., Lindblad R., Oden NL., Sharma G., Metsch L., Lyons MS., McCormack R., Macias-Konstantopoulos W., Douaihy A. 2014
Screening and brief intervention for drug use in primary care: the ASPIRE randomized clinical trial. Saitz R., Palfai TP., Cheng DM., Alford DP., Bernstein JA., Lloyd-Travaglini CA., Meli SM., Chaisson CE., Samet JH. 2014
Brief intervention for problem drug use in safety-net primary care settings: a randomized clinical trial. Roy-Byrne P., Bumgardner K., Krupski A., Dunn C., Ries R., Donovan D., West II., Maynard C., Atkins DC., Graves MC., Joesch JM., Zarkin GA. 2014
Effect of a primary care based brief intervention trial among risky drug users on health-related quality of life. Baumeister SE., Gelberg L., Leake BD., Yacenda-Murphy J., Vahidi M., Andersen RM. 2014
A randomized controlled trial of a brief motivational enhancement for non-treatment-seeking adolescent cannabis users. de Gee EA., Verdurmen JE., Bransen E., de Jonge JM., Schippers GM. 2014
Web-based screening and brief intervention for student marijuana use in a university health center: pilot study to examine the implementation of eCHECKUP TO GO in different contexts. Palfai TP., Saitz R., Winter M., Brown TA., Kypri K., Goodness TM., O'Brien LM., Lu J. 2014
Computer-delivered screening and brief intervention (e-SBI) for postpartum drug use: a randomized trial. Ondersma SJ., Svikis DS., Thacker LR., Beatty JR., Lockhart N. 2014
Buprenorphine implants for treatment of opioid dependence: randomized comparison to placebo and sublingual buprenorphine/naloxone. Rosenthal RN., Ling W., Casadonte P., Vocci F., Bailey GL., Kampman K., Patkar A., Chavoustie S., Blasey C., Sigmon S., Beebe KL. 2013
Indicated prevention for college student marijuana use: a randomized controlled trial. Lee CM., Kilmer JR., Neighbors C., Atkins DC., Zheng C., Walker DD., Larimer ME. 2013
Computer and therapist based brief interventions among cannabis-using adolescents presenting to primary care: one year outcomes. Walton MA., Bohnert K., Resko S., Barry KL., Chermack ST., Zucker RA., Zimmerman MA., Booth BM., Blow FC. 2013
Naltrexone with or without guanfacine for preventing relapse to opiate addiction in St.-Petersburg, Russia. Krupitsky E., Zvartau E., Blokhina E., Verbitskaya E., Tsoy M., Wahlgren V., Burakov A., Masalov D., Romanova TN., Palatkin V., Tyurina A., Yaroslavtseva T., Sinha R., Kosten TR. 2013
Effectiveness of a self-guided web-based cannabis treatment program: randomized controlled trial. Rooke S., Copeland J., Norberg M., Hine D., McCambridge J. 2013
Project reduce: reducing alcohol and marijuana misuse: effects of a brief intervention in the emergency department. Woolard R., Baird J., Longabaugh R., Nirenberg T., Lee CS., Mello MJ., Becker B. 2013
Behavioral treatment for marijuana dependence: randomized trial of contingency management and self-efficacy enhancement. Litt MD., Kadden RM., Petry NM. 2013
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Randomized trial of long-acting sustained-release naltrexone implant vs oral naltrexone or placebo for preventing relapse to opioid dependence. Krupitsky E., Zvartau E., Blokhina E., Verbitskaya E., Wahlgren V., Tsoy-Podosenin M., Bushara N., Burakov A., Masalov D., Romanova T., Tyurina A., Palatkin V., Slavina T., Pecoraro A., Woody GE. 2012
Motivational enhancement therapy coupled with cognitive behavioral therapy versus brief advice: a randomized trial for treatment of hazardous substance use in pregnancy and after delivery. Yonkers KA., Forray A., Howell HB., Gotman N., Kershaw T., Rounsaville BJ., Carroll KM. -- Not Found --
Randomized controlled trial of a novel cannabis use intervention delivered by telephone. Gates PJ., Norberg MM., Copeland J., Digiusto E. 2012
12-month follow-up of an exploratory 'brief intervention' for high-frequency cannabis users among Canadian university students. Fischer B., Jones W., Shuper P., Rehm J. 2012
Feasibility and impact of brief interventions for frequent cannabis users in Canada. Fischer B., Dawe M., McGuire F., Shuper PA., Capler R., Bilsker D., Jones W., Taylor B., Rudzinski K., Rehm J. 2013
A randomized controlled trial of a brief intervention for illicit drugs linked to the Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) in clients recruited from primary health-care settings in four countries. Humeniuk R., Ali R., Babor T., Souza-Formigoni ML., de Lacerda RB., Ling W., McRee B., Newcombe D., Pal H., Poznyak V., Simon S., Vendetti J. 2012
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