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Project: The effect of IDH inhibitors in AML patients.

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Phase 1 and 2 trials that looked at the effect of IDH inhibitors in AML patients. Yanal Alnimer 1, 2

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Title Author Year
Molecular remission and response patterns in patients with mutant- IDH2 acute myeloid leukemia treated with enasidenib. Stein EM., DiNardo CD., Fathi AT., Pollyea DA., Stone RM., Altman JK., Roboz GJ., Patel MR., Collins R., Flinn IW., Sekeres MA., Stein AS., Kantarjian HM., Levine RL., Vyas P., MacBeth KJ., Tosolini A., VanOostendorp J., Xu Q., Gupta I., Lila T., Risueno A., Yen KE., Wu B., Attar EC., Tallman MS., de Botton S. 2019
Enasidenib in mutant Stein EM., DiNardo CD., Pollyea DA., Fathi AT., Roboz GJ., Altman JK., Stone RM., DeAngelo DJ., Levine RL., Flinn IW., Kantarjian HM., Collins R., Patel MR., Frankel AE., Stein A., Sekeres MA., Swords RT., Medeiros BC., Willekens C., Vyas P., Tosolini A., Xu Q., Knight RD., Yen KE., Agresta S., de Botton S., Tallman MS. 2017
Enasidenib, an inhibitor of mutant IDH2 proteins, induces durable remissions in older patients with newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia. Pollyea DA., Tallman MS., de Botton S., Kantarjian HM., Collins R., Stein AS., Frattini MG., Xu Q., Tosolini A., See WL., MacBeth KJ., Agresta SV., Attar EC., DiNardo CD., Stein EM. 2019
Durable Remissions with Ivosidenib in IDH1-Mutated Relapsed or Refractory AML. DiNardo CD., Stein EM., de Botton S., Roboz GJ., Altman JK., Mims AS., Swords R., Collins RH., Mannis GN., Pollyea DA., Donnellan W., Fathi AT., Pigneux A., Erba HP., Prince GT., Stein AS., Uy GL., Foran JM., Traer E., Stuart RK., Arellano ML., Slack JL., Sekeres MA., Willekens C., Choe S., Wang H., Zhang V., Yen KE., Kapsalis SM., Yang H., Dai D., Fan B., Goldwasser M., Liu H., Agresta S., Wu B., Attar EC., Tallman MS., Stone RM., Kantarjian HM. 2018

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