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Project: Care Interventions for People Living With Dementia (PLWD) and Their Caregivers [Entered Retrospectively]

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Care Interventions for People Living With Dementia (PLWD) and Their Caregivers [Entered Retrospectively] Victoria Nelson 1

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Title Author Year
Effects of facilitated family case conferencing for advanced dementia: A cluster randomised clinical trial. Agar M., Luckett T., Luscombe G., Phillips J., Beattie E., Pond D., Mitchell G., Davidson PM., Cook J., Brooks D., Houltram J., Goodall S., Chenoweth L. 2017
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Worksite-based internet multimedia program for family caregivers of persons with dementia. Beauchamp N., Irvine AB., Seeley J., Johnson B. 2005
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Effectiveness of an Internet intervention for family caregivers of people with dementia: results of a randomized controlled trial. Blom MM., Zarit SH., Groot Zwaaftink RB., Cuijpers P., Pot AM. 2015
Testing the Implementation of the Veder Contact Method: A Theatre-Based Communication Method in Dementia Care. Boersma P., van Weert JCM., Lissenberg-Witte BI., van Meijel B., Dröes RM. 2019
Effects of two feedback interventions on end-of-life outcomes in nursing home residents with dementia: A cluster-randomized controlled three-armed trial. Boogaard JA., de Vet HCW., van Soest-Poortvliet MC., Anema JR., Achterberg WP., van der Steen JT. 2018
Effectiveness of a Blended Care Self-Management Program for Caregivers of People With Early-Stage Dementia (Partner in Balance): Randomized Controlled Trial. Boots LM., de Vugt ME., Kempen GI., Verhey FR. 2018
Comparison of Effect of Two Exercise Programs on Activities of Daily Living in Individuals with Dementia: A 9-Week Randomized, Controlled Trial. Bossers WJ., van der Woude LH., Boersma F., Hortobágyi T., Scherder EJ., van Heuvelen MJ. 2016
Effectiveness of advance care planning with family carers in dementia nursing homes: A paired cluster randomized controlled trial. Brazil K., Carter G., Cardwell C., Clarke M., Hudson P., Froggatt K., McLaughlin D., Passmore P., Kernohan WG. 2018
The Effect of the " Brewster GS., Epps F., Dye CE., Hepburn K., Higgins MK., Parker ML. 2019
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