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Project: Cervical Ripening in the Outpatient Setting

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Associated Studies (each link opens a new tab)

Title Author Year
A prospective study of induction of labor with prostaglandin vaginal gel: ambulatory versus in-patient administration. Awartani KA., Turnell RW., Olatunbosun OA. 1999
Vaginal misoprostol for cervical ripening at term: comparison of outpatient vs. inpatient administration. Chang DW., Velazquez MD., Colyer M., Klaus P., Mallipeddi SK., Rayburn WF. 2005
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A cost-minimization analysis of intracervical prostaglandin E2 for cervical ripening in an outpatient versus inpatient setting. Farmer KC., Schwartz WJ., Rayburn WF., Turnbull G. -- Not Found --
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Induction of labour using prostaglandin E Beckmann M., Gibbons K., Flenady V., Kumar S. 2020
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Foley catheter induction of labor as an outpatient procedure. Kruit H., Heikinheimo O., Ulander VM., Aitokallio-Tallberg A., Nupponen I., Paavonen J., Rahkonen L. 2016
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Outpatient management of the uncomplicated postdate pregnancy with intravaginal prostaglandin E2 gel and membrane stripping. Doany W., McCarty J. -- Not Found --
Outpatient oral misoprostol for prolonged pregnancies: a pilot investigation. Gaffaney CA., Saul LL., Rumney PJ., Morrison EH., Thomas S., Nageotte MP., Wing DA. 2009
A comparison of oral and intracervical prostaglandin E2 for ripening of the unfavourable cervix prior to induction of labour. Herabutya Y., O-Prasertsawat P. 1988
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Management of pregnancies beyond forty-one weeks' gestation with an unfavorable cervix. Magann EF., Chauhan SP., Nevils BG., McNamara MF., Kinsella MJ., Morrison JC. 1998
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Outpatient misoprostol compared with dinoprostone gel for preinduction cervical ripening: a randomized controlled trial. Meyer M., Pflum J., Howard D. 2005
Outpatient misoprostol cervical ripening without subsequent induction of labor to prevent post-term pregnancy. Oboro VO., Tabowei TO. 2005
Randomised trial of outpatient induction of labor with vaginal PGE2 at 40-41 weeks of gestation versus expectant management. Ohel G., Rahav D., Rothbart H., Ruach M. 1996
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Outpatient cervical ripening with intravaginal misoprostol. Stitely ML., Browning J., Fowler M., Gendron RT., Gherman RB. 2000

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