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Project: Early Intensive Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review Update

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Title Author Year
Comparative efficacy of LEAP, TEACCH and non-model-specific special education programs for preschoolers with autism spectrum disorders Boyd 2013
Measuring and Supporting Language Function for Children with Autism: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial of a Social-Interaction-Based Therapy Casenhiser 2013
Longitudinal follow-up of children with autism receiving targeted interventions on joint attention and play. Kasari C., Gulsrud A., Freeman S., Paparella T., Hellemann G. 2012
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Parent inclusion in Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention: the influence of parental stress, parent treatment fidelity and parent-mediated generalization of behavior targets on child outcomes. Strauss K., Vicari S., Valeri G., D'Elia L., Arima S., Fava L. -- Not Found --
Making the connection: randomized controlled trial of social skills at school for children with autism spectrum disorders. Kasari C., Rotheram-Fuller E., Locke J., Gulsrud A. 2012
A pilot randomized controlled trial of DIR/Floortime™ parent training intervention for pre-school children with autistic spectrum disorders. Pajareya K., Nopmaneejumruslers K. 2011
Effects of cognitive-behavioral therapy on anxiety in children with autism spectrum disorders: a randomized controlled trial. Sung M., Ooi YP., Goh TJ., Pathy P., Fung DS., Ang RP., Chua A., Lam CM. 2011
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Improving emotion regulation with CBT in young children with high functioning autism spectrum disorders: a pilot study. Scarpa A., Reyes NM. 2011
A randomized controlled trial of Hanen's 'More Than Words' in toddlers with early autism symptoms. Carter AS., Messinger DS., Stone WL., Celimli S., Nahmias AS., Yoder P. 2011
Intervention targeting development of socially synchronous engagement in toddlers with autism spectrum disorder: a randomized controlled trial. Landa RJ., Holman KC., O'Neill AH., Stuart EA. 2011
The efficacy of a Social Skills Group Intervention for improving social behaviors in children with High Functioning Autism Spectrum disorders. DeRosier ME., Swick DC., Davis NO., McMillen JS., Matthews R. 2011
Low intensity behavioral treatment supplementing preschool services for young children with autism spectrum disorders and severe to mild intellectual disability. Peters-Scheffer N., Didden R., Mulders M., Korzilius H. -- Not Found --
Effects of cognitive behavioral therapy on daily living skills in children with high-functioning autism and concurrent anxiety disorders. Drahota A., Wood JJ., Sze KM., Van Dyke M. 2011
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Using the transporters DVD as a learning tool for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Young RL., Posselt M. 2012
Brief report: effect of a focused imitation intervention on social functioning in children with autism. Ingersoll B. 2012
Teacher-implemented joint attention intervention: pilot randomized controlled study for preschoolers with autism. Lawton K., Kasari C. 2012
Learning through interaction in children with autism: preliminary data from asocial-communication-based intervention. Casenhiser DM., Shanker SG., Stieben J. 2013
A randomized trial comparison of the effects of verbal and pictorial naturalistic communication strategies on spoken language for young children with autism. Schreibman L., Stahmer AC. 2014
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Neurofeedback Improves Executive Functioning in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Kouijzer 2009
Impact of Severity of Autism and Intervention Time-Input on Child Outcomes: Comparison across Several Early Interventions Reed 2012
Brief Report: Longitudinal Improvements in the Quality of Joint Attention in Preschool Children with Autism Lawton 2012
Outcome for Children with Autism Receiving Early and Intensive Behavioral Intervention in Mainstream Preschool and Kindergarten Settings Eikeseth 2012
Randomized, Controlled Trial of the Leap Model of Early Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Strain 2011
Who Benefits from Early Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorders? Itzchak 2011
The Effectiveness of a Cross-Setting Complementary Staff- and Parent-Mediated Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with ASD Fava 2011
A Randomised Controlled Trial of Two Early Intervention Programs for Young Children with Autism: Centre-Based with Parent Program and Home-Based Roberts 2011
Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Evaluating the Impact of a Home-Based Intervention to Promote Their Communication McConkey 2010
Treatment Approach, Autism Severity and Intervention Outcomes in Young Children Zachor 2010
Effects of a brief Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)–based parent intervention on toddlers at risk for autism spectrum disorders: A randomized controlled trial Rogers 2012
Randomized controlled trial for early intervention for autism: A pilot study of the Autism 1-2-3 project Wong 2010
Randomized controlled caregiver mediated joint engagement intervention for toddlers with autism Kasari 2010
Brief report: Pilot randomized controlled trial of reciprocal imitation training for teaching elicited and spontaneous imitation to children with autism Ingersoll 2010
The effects of a parent-focused intervention for children with a recent diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder on parenting stress and competence Keen 2010
Long-term effects of neurofeedback treatment in autism Kouijzer 2009
Neurofeedback treatment in autism. Preliminary findings in behavioral, cognitive, and neurophysiological functioning Kouijzer 2010
The relationship between parental stress and intervention outcome of children with autism Shine 2010
Theory of mind training in children with autism: A randomized controlled trial Begeer 2011
Picture Me Playing: Increasing Pretend Play Dialogue of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Murdock 2011
Predictors of Outcome for Children Receiving Intensive Behavioral Intervention in a Large, Community-Based Program Perry 2011
Research units of pediatric psychopharmacology (RUPP) autism network randomized clinical trial of parent training and medication: One-year follow-Up Arnold 2012
Controlled‐release melatonin, singly and combined with cognitive behavioural therapy, for persistent insomnia in children with autism spectrum disorders: A randomized placebo‐controlled trial Cortesi 2012
Effectiveness of large-scale community-based intensive Behavioral Intervention: A waitlist comparison study exploring outcomes and predictors Flanagan 2012
A preliminary randomized controlled trial of two social skills interventions for youth with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders Lerner 2012
Randomized clinical trial replication of a psychosocial treatment for children with high‐functioning autism spectrum disorders Thomeer 2012
Increasing Verbal Responsiveness in Parents of Children with Autism: A Pilot Study Venker 2012
Outcomes of intensive behavioural intervention in the Toronto Preschool Autism Service Freeman 2010
The Coping Cat program for children with anxiety and autism spectrum disorder: A pilot randomized controlled trial McNally
A Parent-Mediated Intervention to Increase Responsive Parental Behaviors and Child Communication in Children with ASD: A Randomized Clinical Trial Siller 2013
The effect of cognitive-behavioral therapy versus treatment as usual for anxiety in children with autism spectrum disorders: A randomized, controlled trial Storch 2013
Teaching Emotion Recognition Skills to Young Children with Autism: A Randomised Controlled Trial of an Emotion Training Programme Williams 2012
Mediation of treatment effect in a communication intervention for pre-school children with autism Aldred 2012
Preschool Based JASPER Intervention in Minimally Verbal Children with Autism: Pilot RCT Goods 2013
Intensive cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders in school-aged children with autism: A preliminary comparison with treatment-as-usual Fujii 2013
Further Evidence of Benefits of Thought-Bubble Training for Theory of Mind Development in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Paynter 2013
The relative importance of age and IQ as predictors of outcomes in Intensive Behavioral Intervention Perry
Effectiveness of low intensity behavioral treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability Peters-Scheffer 2013
Evaluation of the Barnet Early Autism Model (BEAM) Teaching Intervention Programme in a "Real World" Setting Reed 2013
Effects of Joint Attention Mediated Learning for Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Initial Randomized Controlled Study Schertz 2013
A play and joint attention intervention for teachers of young children with Autism: A randomized controlled pilot study Wong 2013

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