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Project: Telehealth: Mapping the Evidence for Patient Outcomes from Systematic Reviews [Entered Retrospectively]

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Telehealth Included Systematic Reviews Sara Grusing 1, 2

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Title Author Year
The impact of electronic patient portals on patient care: a systematic review of controlled trials. Ammenwerth E., Schnell-Inderst P., Hoerbst A. 2012
Empirical evidence on the use and effectiveness of telepsychiatry via videoconferencing: implications for forensic and correctional psychiatry. Antonacci DJ., Bloch RM., Saeed SA., Yildirim Y., Talley J. 2008
A comprehensive review of telementoring applications in laparoscopic general surgery. Antoniou SA., Antoniou GA., Franzen J., Bollmann S., Koch OO., Pointner R., Granderath FA. 2012
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Alternative models of cardiac rehabilitation: a systematic review. Clark RA., Conway A., Poulsen V., Keech W., Tirimacco R., Tideman P. 2015
Systematic review of studies on telemonitoring of patients with congestive heart failure: a meta-analysis. Clarke M., Shah A., Sharma U. 2011
The use of technology to promote physical activity in Type 2 diabetes management: a systematic review. Connelly J., Kirk A., Masthoff J., MacRury S. 2013
Effective technologies for noninvasive remote monitoring in heart failure. Conway A., Inglis SC., Clark RA. 2014
Telehealth in cystic fibrosis: a systematic review. Cox NS., Alison JA., Rasekaba T., Holland AE. 2012
Home telemonitoring effectiveness in COPD: a systematic review. Cruz J., Brooks D., Marques A. 2014
Evaluating the evidence base for the use of home telehealth remote monitoring in elderly with heart failure. Dang S., Dimmick S., Kelkar G. 2009
The effects on health behavior and health outcomes of Internet-based asynchronous communication between health providers and patients with a chronic condition: a systematic review. de Jong CC., Ros WJ., Schrijvers G. 2014
Telemedicine for the reduction of myocardial infarction mortality: a systematic review and a meta-analysis of published studies. de Waure C., Cadeddu C., Gualano MR., Ricciardi W. 2012
Internet-based interventions for the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease. Devi R., Singh SJ., Powell J., Fulton EA., Igbinedion E., Rees K. 2015
Telehealth application on the rehabilitation of children and adolescents. dos Santos MT., Moura SC., Gomes LM., Lima AH., Moreira RS., Silva CD., Guimarães EM. 2014
Psychological therapies (Internet-delivered) for the management of chronic pain in adults. Eccleston C., Fisher E., Craig L., Duggan GB., Rosser BA., Keogh E. 2014
A systematic review of the effects of e-health on chronically ill patients. Eland-de Kok P., van Os-Medendorp H., Vergouwe-Meijer A., Bruijnzeel-Koomen C., Ros W. 2011
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A systematic review of Internet-based therapy for the treatment of addictions. Gainsbury S., Blaszczynski A. 2011
New technologies for chronic disease management and control: a systematic review. García-Lizana F., Sarría-Santamera A. 2007
Diabetes management via mobile phones: a systematic review. Holtz B., Lauckner C. 2012
Home telemonitoring for respiratory conditions: a systematic review. Jaana M., Paré G., Sicotte C. 2009
Electronic symptom reporting between patient and provider for improved health care service quality: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials. part 2: methodological quality and effects. Johansen MA., Berntsen GK., Schuster T., Henriksen E., Horsch A. 2012
A systematic review of clinical outcomes, clinical process, healthcare utilization and costs associated with telerehabilitation. Kairy D., Lehoux P., Vincent C., Visintin M. 2009
Systematic review and meta-analysis of studies involving telehome monitoring-based telenursing for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Kamei T., Yamamoto Y., Kajii F., Nakayama Y., Kawakami C. 2013
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The costs of critical care telemedicine programs: a systematic review and analysis. Kumar G., Falk DM., Bonello RS., Kahn JM., Perencevich E., Cram P. 2013
Telerehabilitation services for stroke. Laver KE., Schoene D., Crotty M., George S., Lannin NA., Sherrington C. 2013
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A meta-analysis of web-delivered tailored health behavior change interventions. Lustria ML., Noar SM., Cortese J., Van Stee SK., Glueckauf RL., Lee J. 2013
Effectiveness and impact of networked communication interventions in young people with mental health conditions: a systematic review. Martin S., Sutcliffe P., Griffiths F., Sturt J., Powell J., Adams A., Dale J. 2011
Telehealthcare for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. McLean S., Nurmatov U., Liu JL., Pagliari C., Car J., Sheikh A. 2011
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Techniques of monitoring blood glucose during pregnancy for women with pre-existing diabetes. Moy FM., Ray A., Buckley BS. 2014
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Computer-based psychological treatments for depression: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Richards D., Richardson T. 2012
Supporting family members of people with traumatic brain injury using telehealth: a systematic review. Rietdijk R., Togher L., Power E. 2012
Computer-delivered interventions for alcohol and tobacco use: a meta-analysis. Rooke S., Thorsteinsson E., Karpin A., Copeland J., Allsop D. 2010
Internet-assisted delivery of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for childhood anxiety: systematic review and meta-analysis. Rooksby M., Elouafkaoui P., Humphris G., Clarkson J., Freeman R. 2015
Health education via mobile text messaging for glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Saffari M., Ghanizadeh G., Koenig HG. 2014
Cost comparison between telemonitoring and usual care of heart failure: a systematic review. Seto E. 2008
Therapeutic videoconferencing interventions for the treatment of long-term conditions. Steel K., Cox D., Garry H. 2011
Telemedicine for the support of parents of high-risk newborn infants. Tan K., Lai NM. 2012
Online social networking services in the management of patients with diabetes mellitus: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. Toma T., Athanasiou T., Harling L., Darzi A., Ashrafian H. 2014
Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for patients with chronic somatic conditions: a meta-analytic review. van Beugen S., Ferwerda M., Hoeve D., Rovers MM., Spillekom-van Koulil S., van Middendorp H., Evers AW. 2014
A systematic review of economic analyses of telehealth services using real time video communication. Wade VA., Karnon J., Elshaug AG., Hiller JE. 2010
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Evidence on the effectiveness of telerehabilition applications Hailey, David Roine, Risto Ohinmaa, Arto Dennett, Liz
Home uterine monitoring for detecting preterm labour. Urquhart C., Currell R., Harlow F., Callow L. 2015
Home telehealth for chronic disease management Tran, Khai Canadian Agency for Drugs, Technologies in Health,

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