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Project: Topical corticosteroids as adjunctive therapy for bacterial keratitis (2014)

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Title Author Year
Comparison of antibiotic-only and antibiotic-steroid combination treatment in corneal ulcer patients: double-blinded randomized clinical trial. Blair J., Hodge W., Al-Ghamdi S., Balabanian R., Lowcock B., Pan YI., Sherif H., AlMahmoud T., Fergusson D., Slomovic A. 2011
Topical steroids in the treatment of central and paracentral corneal ulcers. Carmichael TR., Gelfand Y., Welsh NH. 1990
Corticosteroids for bacterial keratitis: the Steroids for Corneal Ulcers Trial (SCUT). Srinivasan M., Mascarenhas J., Rajaraman R., Ravindran M., Lalitha P., Glidden DV., Ray KJ., Hong KC., Oldenburg CE., Lee SM., Zegans ME., McLeod SD., Lietman TM., Acharya NR. 2012
Corticosteroids for bacterial corneal ulcers. Srinivasan M., Lalitha P., Mahalakshmi R., Prajna NV., Mascarenhas J., Chidambaram JD., Lee S., Hong KC., Zegans M., Glidden DV., McLeod S., Whitcher JP., Lietman TM., Acharya NR. 2009

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